Home History

The Indian Association for Adolescent Health was founded in 1987 contemporary to the Australian and Canadian adolescent organizations. Prof. (Dr.) Prema Bali who has done pioneering work on sexual health among adolescents and by establishing Sex and Marriage Clinic at All India Institute of Medical Science, New Delhi became the founding president of the IAAH. The founder Members while drawing the charter at a meeting in 1991, decided to include youth health care, keeping in mind the problems of contemporary youth as well. During that period health of adolescents and youth was challenged by emerging diseases like HIV/AIDS, hypertension, diabetes, obesity and mental disorders. Members of the association took the lead in various fronts and organized many conferences, symposiums and workshops. Dr. Bir Singh, then secretary of organization took the lead role in delivering health promotion activities and sex education for adolescents and youth through radio and television talks, newspapers, booklets and pamphlets.

The logo of the association was designed by Dr. Jugal Kishore, then postgraduate student at Center for Community Medicine AIIMS in 1991.